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My business, Mama-Mia Crafty Creations, involves handmade creations, the main one being egg decorating. Originally I was taught how to do these eggs from my mum who has been decorating them for 23 years and a lovely family friend who had done them for twice that although I hadn’t done many before I started this business in 2013. The first 2 I sold were for an auction for a family friend who had lost her baby at 22 weeks and I wanted to donate something special, so I contacted the lady running the auction. She was thrilled at the items and asked if I was selling them, which I hadn’t even thought of doing, after the auction the response for the eggs was great and the lady who ran the auction encouraged me to pursue my business and involve the eggs. After I made the decision to sell them I started up my business page with the help of the lovely lady, Stacey, who was such a support while I was growing the business, helping me get likes and so much more. For a while I couldn’t find a source to purchase the eggs from but after a long wait (4-6 months) I finally found a supplier and things had just built from there. I couldn’t of done it without the support of so many lovely people and of course my partner.

mia1All my items are 100% handmade by me, as is most of the cutting ( I do get my mum to cut items occasionally). From my eggs to my cards all items are unique, and I only make one of each kind, none are the same (due to each egg being different ) and I’m always wanting to please the customers and impress them with my creations. I’m very much a perfectionist and always love a challenge in creating something new. Egg Decorating isn’t very common and is quite an old style of craft, a lot of my creations are accidents. I use all parts of the eggs, I use the shell left over once its cut out of the egg and I use broken eggs for creations….. as well. The sky is the limit with these I can make pendants, eggs with figurines, music boxes, trinket boxes, cards. The range of eggs I can use are quail eggs, quniea fowl, duck, emu, black swan, ostrich, crocodile and I also have a plover egg! (Please note all eggs that are used have not been fertilised)

mia4 mia2mia3

In a nut shell I am a mum, a waitress and a small business owner and I love creating items that make people smile, I doubt myself a lot but love what I do.

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