Welcome to KidsRule

KidsRule is a family friendly online directory that believes in making the world a better place for our kids.

At KidsRule, we know that some of the best family memories are created on holiday. Unfortunately, some of the worst ones are too. If you’ve ever tried to holiday with a small child (or two, or three, or even more) in a tiny hotel room without anywhere for the kids to sleep, run off some energy or, well… just be kids… you’ll know what we’re talking about. Surprisingly, not all hotel guests enjoy the sound of 6:00 am chasey.

The short of it is: little people have some big requirements.

Luckily, KidsRule has done a lot of homework on this topic. We’ve compiled an easy-to-use directory of family friendly accommodation, activities, services and even things for mum and dad throughout Australia.

Plenty of places say they’re kid friendly, only to fall short in practice. But with KidsRule, you can be confident you’ll find only genuinely family friendly options because we personally check that each listing on our site meets our strict criteria. KidsRule even sells quality toys, embroidery and sewing items, handmade items, items for your home and more via our online shop.

If it’s on KidsRule, it’s verified kid country!