Funtastic Learning

Funtastic Learning is all about helping your children learn through play and what a great way to support your child’s needs than to visit our store which offers a great range of learning toys.

Funtastic Learning was started by Lee, a stay at home mum who is always looking for new and exciting ways to help children thrive to be the best they can be.   Lee has children of her own and understand the importance of allowing children to learn about creative play.

Kids have a great imagination and why not let them explore with the different items around them.

Learning 1[1]

The House features visually engaging finishes, modern fittings and easy open access to all rooms. Engaging in role play provides opportunities for children to build positive relationships with peers and adults through social play and explore the world around them.

It is also a great tool to help engage children and further their communication skills.

Learning 2[1]The multi-sensory focus will entice innovation in design, while encouraging resilience. Designing and building have never been easier than with the Carpenters Collection. Featuring 42 individual pieces of construction this fantastic set will inspire and delight both boys and girls alike. Containing nuts, bolts and connectors this set will provide children with the basis for designing and building the most wonderful of creations


Learning 3[1]

Match the numbers on the clock face and learn how to tell time. This is a 12 piece puzzle measuring 29cm in diameter. Children can discuss, sequences events and use everyday language to describe the duration of activities. Great hand-eye co-ordination skill with the development of number and time concepts.



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