Changing the way you think about Marker Pens

Chameleon Art Products is not just “another marker company”.  They pride themselves on developing real innovation that enhances the end users ability to maximize their creativity in all aspects of their artwork.

Their markers bring colour control and simplicity to your art.  Creating stunning 3D effects, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, ALL WITH ONE PEN.

To purchase your set simply head to and order in your 5-pen pack or 22-Pen Set.

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Funtastic Learning

Funtastic Learning is all about helping your children learn through play and what a great way to support your child’s needs than to visit our store which offers a great range of learning toys.

Funtastic Learning was started by Lee, a stay at home mum who is always looking for new and exciting ways to help children thrive to be the best they can be.   Lee has children of her own and understand the importance of allowing children to learn about creative play.

Kids have a great imagination and why not let them explore with the different items around them.

Learning 1[1]

The House features visually engaging finishes, modern fittings and easy open access to all rooms. Engaging in role play provides opportunities for children to build positive relationships with peers and adults through social play and explore the world around them.

It is also a great tool to help engage children and further their communication skills.

Learning 2[1]The multi-sensory focus will entice innovation in design, while encouraging resilience. Designing and building have never been easier than with the Carpenters Collection. Featuring 42 individual pieces of construction this fantastic set will inspire and delight both boys and girls alike. Containing nuts, bolts and connectors this set will provide children with the basis for designing and building the most wonderful of creations


Learning 3[1]

Match the numbers on the clock face and learn how to tell time. This is a 12 piece puzzle measuring 29cm in diameter. Children can discuss, sequences events and use everyday language to describe the duration of activities. Great hand-eye co-ordination skill with the development of number and time concepts.



Come and visit our store to find more of our great range of products at


Mama-Mia Crafty Creations

My business, Mama-Mia Crafty Creations, involves handmade creations, the main one being egg decorating. Originally I was taught how to do these eggs from my mum who has been decorating them for 23 years and a lovely family friend who had done them for twice that although I hadn’t done many before I started this business in 2013. The first 2 I sold were for an auction for a family friend who had lost her baby at 22 weeks and I wanted to donate something special, so I contacted the lady running the auction. She was thrilled at the items and asked if I was selling them, which I hadn’t even thought of doing, after the auction the response for the eggs was great and the lady who ran the auction encouraged me to pursue my business and involve the eggs. After I made the decision to sell them I started up my business page with the help of the lovely lady, Stacey, who was such a support while I was growing the business, helping me get likes and so much more. For a while I couldn’t find a source to purchase the eggs from but after a long wait (4-6 months) I finally found a supplier and things had just built from there. I couldn’t of done it without the support of so many lovely people and of course my partner.

mia1All my items are 100% handmade by me, as is most of the cutting ( I do get my mum to cut items occasionally). From my eggs to my cards all items are unique, and I only make one of each kind, none are the same (due to each egg being different ) and I’m always wanting to please the customers and impress them with my creations. I’m very much a perfectionist and always love a challenge in creating something new. Egg Decorating isn’t very common and is quite an old style of craft, a lot of my creations are accidents. I use all parts of the eggs, I use the shell left over once its cut out of the egg and I use broken eggs for creations….. as well. The sky is the limit with these I can make pendants, eggs with figurines, music boxes, trinket boxes, cards. The range of eggs I can use are quail eggs, quniea fowl, duck, emu, black swan, ostrich, crocodile and I also have a plover egg! (Please note all eggs that are used have not been fertilised)

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In a nut shell I am a mum, a waitress and a small business owner and I love creating items that make people smile, I doubt myself a lot but love what I do.

To visit more of Mama-Mia’s Crafty Creations head to Mia’s facebook page


Maxi Dress Heaven

Just over 2 years ago Maxi Dress Heaven was launched, the final decision to give it a go was nerve racking, exciting and terribly scary for Tanya but what did she have to lose? So Maxi Dress Heaven was born and their facebook page instantly took off.


Maxi Dress Heaven prides itself on reaching all women offering stylish clothing for women ranging in sizes 8-10 up to 26-28, whether it be a casual summer maxi, beach dress or evening wear they appeal to everyone and have a massive variety for all tastes.  And with over 500+ items on their website you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Maxi Dress Heaven also recently introduced their very own LITTLE GIRLS RANGE with stunning Maxi’s & Party dresses for 1-10yr olds with a few more items to added in the next few weeks.

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You can view Maxi Dress Heaven complete range by visiting their website at and liking their facebook page to find out what is new in the range and keeping up to date with the specials.


Kerrie is the face behind the home based business Kittyandzac.  Kerrie lives on a small acreage block on the gorgeous South Coast of NSW with her husband, faithful k9 side kick Zac and her part Arab horse Shebah.  The rolling green hills that then give way to the spotless clean beaches where many of you may have spent your summer holidays is the perfect place to raise a family.

This leaves Kerrie more time to focus on what she loves to do…. Create.  Kittyandzac was born out of a love of creating beautiful things from Childrensware, Homewares, Childrens accessories, soy candles the list is endless in what she loves to dabble in.

KittyandZacKerrie comes from a super creative family background of a Knitting Nanna, sewing mumma, gardening Grandfather and Father but most of her inspiration comes from the fabric itself, It seems to talk to her.  Kerrie’s sewing studio is wall to wall fabric, piles of orders cut ready to sew, vintage wash baskets brimming with patterns, super large jars individually filled with coloured buttons.


Kerrie has been creating for as long as she can remember. First with a needle and a thread. Then at the age of 5, for her birthday she was given a teeny tiny sewing machine. This was most successful for making Ted and her “floppy doll” Fiona’s new clothes. Her love of sewing and what she calls “making stuff” blossomed and when her children came along she made 90% of their clothes. Kerrie’s business Kittyandzac kicked off about 7 years ago when she was asked to put some of her creations in a local Kids Boutique.

KittyandZac have so many wonderful items to choose from but the memory quilts and Teepees which are constructed entirely from the clients fabric which has some meaning for them and their family are my favourite. Quite often this fabric is nursery bedding, children’s clothing etc, Kerrie then create a memory piece just for them to love forever.


 To find out more about Kittyandzac and Kerrie’s visit the website at or head over to Kittyandzac facebook page and say hello and check out their great range of products.


ToysRule a great place to go shopping

Are you looking for some great deals on toys and kids arts and craft (well adults as well), kids jewellery and lots more.  At ToysRule we have everything you need to keep the kids entertained and great gifts for loved ones from kids toys, to arts and craft, removable wall decal and wall clocks and lots lots more.



So grab a cup of coffee or cup of tea and enjoy the shopping experience at

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