Summer may be over but still keep your kids safe around water

Waterwise Swim School in Perth provide you and your child with the resources and important facts on how to stay safe around and in the water.

Kids Alive advocates “Do the 5” but this does not always keep children safe.

  1. We can’t fence rivers and oceans
  2. Gates and fences don’t always meet safety standards or get left open
  3. Swimming programs can take years to get a child safe, they are designed to keep children dependent on a parent, teacher or floating aid until children are 3 or 4 years old
  4. Parents and carers get distracted, children are crafty at getting away unnoticed
  5. Survival swimming skills saves lives!


Below is a comparison between normal swimming lessons and survival swim

Traditional Swimming Lessons Survival Swimming Program
Group lessons, 8 – 10 mums & bubs, or 4 pre-schoolers with a teacher One-on-one lessons just the instructor and the child – the child gets 100% of the instructor’s attention
30 minute lessons, fun, games, swimming 10 minute lessons of swimming and floating
1 lesson a week 3 to 5 lessons a week
Many terms, sometimes even years to get safe Safe within 20 to 30 lessons, 4 -6 weeks
Teachers get general training, 30 – 40 hours Instructor gets specialised training 160+ hours
$13.50 – $18 per lesson

Example : Cameron, $980 for 7 terms from 3 months to 2 years, not yet safe

$30 per lesson

$600 -$900, skilled for life

What Waterwise Swim School, Perth teach:

  • Children can float unaided within 5 to 10 lessons
  • Children can rotate onto their backs and float unaided within 10 to 20 lessons
  • Final testing is done in nappy, summer clothes, winter clothes – 5 lessons
  • Most children will need 20 – 30 lessons from start to finish
    • On-going maintenance weekly so children can continue to improve their swimming ability, or at least monthly to adapt their skills to their growing bodies

Who Waterwise Swim School, Perth teach:

  • Infants from crawling age (before then they can’t get to water on their own and don’t have much arm and leg co-ordination, still have neo-natal reflexes which are uncontrolled “jerky” movements) and older children to about 6 years
  • Children with disabilities such as autism, dwarfism, Williams Syndrome, developmental delays, mental or physical disabilities. Regular, focussed exercise in the water also improves their physical and mental abilities such as language skills, and improves strength and co-ordination
  • Children can come across from other programs and get skilled for life too, or come to the program with no experience of the water at all

So don’t wait until it is too late, contact Stacey at Waterwise Swim School, Perth now to book in for your child so that they can be confident in the water.

Be Buddies not Bullies

Did you know that 1 in every 4 Australians are a victim of bullying? Scary number isn’t it?

The thing about bullying is that most people are ashamed or too scared to ask for help or advice to deal with the issue. This is because of the stigma related to bullying, it’s believed that bullies choose their victims for specific reasons and will “punish” them if they seek help or ask for assistance. In some cases this is true, but the people who are aware of the bullying will protect the victim and ensure that a stop is put to it.

From a personal point of view, bullying has affected my life from a young age, from name-calling, to physical incidents to cyber-bullying I’ve coped bits of it all. I was a target of an online situation, after I made a mistake, this involved me in becoming very low and experiencing some nasty moments. I did believe I deserved it, I believed that they were only doing to me what they thought I deserved. But I was wrong. I confided in some close friends and they helped me see that it was not my fault, I also made some very strong friendships from people who saw what was going on and genuinely cared for me, people I didn’t even know before I was publicly name and shamed, for no true reason. Bullying stole my self-confidence, stole my love for life and worse of all, it stole my happiness. Two months on and I am still being constantly reminded of that incident, it will be something that I’ll never escape, I will be forever bullied for one mistake. For that, I want to make a difference and put a stop to bullying.

be buddies not bullies

One of the reasons I created Be Buddies not Bullies was to show parents, children and teachers just how much bullying can affect someone’s life and enable them with ways to control and prevent bullying situations. I also want to stop situations, like mine, from nearly claiming people of their lives. Bullying is a big thing, it affects it’s victims in more ways. The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is so wrong. Words can hurt you, if you are constantly called nasty and horrible names you will begin to believe it, mentally this will affect any bully victim and can lead to depression.

Parents are sometimes not aware of the signs of their children being bullied, which is due to the lack of information of signs to look out for. Any change in a child’s behavior, the unwillingness to talk, withdrawn from social activities or a child/teenager wanting to change who they are, are all signs that someone may just be bullying them. Being a big support, and a comfort is the most important thing to do.

I believe that no one needs to be bullied. No matter if they have made a mistake, are different, smart or any excuse bullies might use I believe we all have the right to live bully free.

As your mother always says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Written by Amy
Be Buddies not Bullies